About Us

Magsil exports was founded in 2018 based in chennai,india.and is exporting Coir products and vermicompost to the international market.Products made from coconut fibre are known as Coir. Coir Products like Coir Fibre, Coir Yarn, Coir Pith, Coconut copra, Curled Coir and other coconut related products including but not limited to Fully and Semi Husked Coconut, Shell based Coconut Charcoal, activated carbon, and door mats.

Our aim is to keep the environment clean and assist farmers to preserve the soil fertility so that the farmers can produce crops which are pesticides and chemicals free. Magsil are the suppliers of diverse range of biofertilizers in the country which includes bone meal, worm castings, coco peat and organic manure. These bio-organic fertilizers are suitable for all kinds of farming. This helps in yielding upto 30% more crops in an organic and environmentally friendly way.

We respect our customer’s requirement and serve according to their needs. We believe in supplying the best quality products to all our customers across the world.

  • Advantages of going organic
  • Restore natural chemicals in the soil
  • Enhance growth in the plants
  • Biologically stimulating the soil
  • Soil fertility Maintenance
  • Prevention of soil borne diseases